Monday, December 15, 2008

Non-Story of the Year

Russian ships are visiting Cuba for the first time since the breakup of the Soviet Union. (Drudge Report has a menacing close-up picture of Putin as the lead story.) So what? Are they going to start shelling Miami? (read)
The Admiral Chabanenko, the nuclear-powered cruiser Peter the Great and support ships arrived in the Caribbean last month in a deployment also unprecedented since Soviet times. The voyage is widely seen as a show of force close to U.S. shores and a response to the U.S. use of warships to deliver humanitarian aid to Russia's neighbor Georgia after their war in August.

What I find interesting is the naming of the ship after a Czar. Communism is definately over in Russia.


  1. The real story is that it's absurd that we are not close to this country. It seems all ego, hurt feelings and hubris now that we aren't able to trade or even visit this country.
    Talk about needing to lighten up. Cuba takes the cake.

  2. Well, you could argue the ball should be in Cuba's court. If they have free elections, then the US should reciprocate and lift the embargo.

  3. They don't trust their citizens to elect the right person. Kind of like China and the Liberal party.