Monday, December 1, 2008

Peace, Order and Good Government

I was discussing with some people today about this whole Coup d'Etat by the opposition. I think it's going to be an absolute disaster and in the long term, maybe a good thing for the Tories.

1. People are going to start realizing this spat started with the opposition whining about their party funding subsidy. I can’t believe people are going to be too sympathetic during these tough times
2. Harper was saying in the House of Commons, (paraphrase) "you are going to give separatists a veto in your government?" ..... If Duceppe has balls he will push for everything he can get.
3. Right now the 3rd quarter stats for the economy are still decent. Wait until this thing really starts stinking. Do you think Dion is going to inspire confidence?
4. Do you think Dion is going to willingly step down after being PM, in May?

It’s going to get very ugly. People might start looking to the Tories for sanity. It’s a big play the opposition are trying to pull off. I think it’s a disaster in a country that uses as their national motto: "Peace, order and good government."


  1. What we need now is stability above anything. Our politician are all a bunch of schoolyard bullies (or maybe they were bullied in the schoolyard and this is their revenge). I'm embarrased for them.

  2. Well, we're sure not getting stability. By May, if this goes through, we'll have had 3 PM's in six months. Just what we need in these tough times.