Monday, December 1, 2008

Reckless Idiots

The leader that Canadians overwhelmingly rejected at the polls a few weeks ago is going to be our new Prime Minster

Despite Canada having the most stable economy in the G7 the new socialist coalition have a huge $30 billion bailout package for the auto and forest industries.

The TSX is already down 744 points. That shows the confidence these clowns are inspiring on Bay Street.

Gilles Duceppe as Foreign Minister?

I'm watching question period in the House of Commons live. Dion accused Harper of playing politics. Harper replied, that Dion is about to make the biggest political play in Canadian history.

UPDATE: A great article from Jack Mintz of the G & M on why the restraint in Harper's spending proposals is a good thing:
We are also witnessing a massive monetary and fiscal stimulus package taking shape throughout the world, which will do a lot more to solve the global financial crisis than anything that Canada can do by itself. Waiting to see how all this pans out in the next two months makes a lot of sense. Besides, as Bob Rae found out when he was the premier of Ontario, it is not easy for governments to spend themselves out of a recession. Instead, they could create a massive deficit, which would become an albatross for the future.

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